Inventory Management System in C# with source code

Inventory Management System in C# with source code for free

Inventory Management System in C# with source code
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Inventory Management System in C# with source code for free

Inventory Management System in C#: A completely functional project based on C# programming language and a MySQL database. The following C# MySQL project offers all of the necessary functionality for first-year and second-year IT students to employ in their college projects. It offers several features that help users to keep track of inventory and sales. The principle of this system, as well as the desktop application, is quite straightforward. It’s similar to real-life scenarios and has been well-implemented. Please scroll down to the bottom of this post for the Download button to get a free Inventory Management system project in C# with source code files.

About Inventory Management System C# Project

This Inventory Management System in C# MySQL project is mostly concerned with keeping track of inventory activity. To be more specific, the system aids in the tracking of stocks in relation to sales. The system also shows all of the goods’ paid and unpaid transactions. In addition, the system enables for the management of system users and other features. This project, obviously, has an admin panel with a manager and a customer panel. In this web application’s overview, an administrator has complete control over the system. He or she has the ability to manage staff, inventory, and sales. An admin can do nearly anything here, but the key job is to keep the system running smoothly.

Manager Panel

Additionally, a manager’s account has full control over all inventory activities. A manager can use this page to add, amend, remove, and list a company’s inventories. The system, in fact, enables for the management of sales records. The system requires inventory details such as the name of the model, parts, kind, and price in order to manage stocks. In addition, each item has a stock quantity that is controlled by the manager or administrator. Furthermore, as soon as a product passes through the transaction method, the system instantly deducts the quantity of that product. In addition, the manager can create a variety of PDF reports. It contains a report on item lists, orders, and other information.

Paid, Unpaid Orders

On the one hand, the management has access to the customer’s orders. The manager can even make a list of unpaid or outstanding orders. It has the customer’s name on it, as well as product information, pricing, and quantity. It requires the user to perform particular actions, such as determining whether they are paid or unpaid. The user can also cancel the order at any moment. To update the status of an order, the manager can simply designate it as paid or unpaid. This is the precise point at which the system adjusts the stock quantity automatically. As previously indicated, the system offers a number of options for creating paid and unpaid order reports in PDF format. When it comes to order reports, the user can see the customer’s name, product details, price, and status.

Customer Panel

A user, on the other hand, can simply register with the system. Customers can use this method to search for available products based on their overall information. Additionally, a customer can search for and add things to their shopping basket. The user can then proceed to checkout once all of the items in his or her cart have been finalized. In addition, before finalizing the order, the buyer must review the product. And once the orders are confirmed, the records are sent to the manager’s unpaid order department. Customers can also use it to examine their overall orders and, if necessary, cancel orders. To be more specific, the entire system is considerably easier to use for filtering products and placing orders on the client side.

Finally, for a better user experience when using this Inventory Management System Project in C#, a clean and straightforward dashboard is offered with numerous color choices. Bunifu Framework UI tools, Toolbox, and Bunifu Framework UI elements are all on board. Presenting a new Inventory Management System Project in C# MySQL that includes an admin panel, a customer panel, and a knowledgeable resource for learning purposes.

Available Features:
  • Admin Panel
  • Manager Panel
  • Customer Panel
  • Customer Registration
  • Manage Items
  • Order Management
  • Add to Cart System
  • View Customer’s Order
  • Filter Products
  • Generate Items Report (PDF)
  • Generate Orders Report (PDF)
  • Product Stock
  • System User Management
Project Name: Inventory Management System C#
Language/s Used: C# (C Sharp)
Database: MySQL
Type: Desktop Application
Developer: Sudesh Fernandez
Updates: 0
Inventory Sales Management System C# Project Overview

Instructions: How to Run?

  • Unzip the project file after you’ve finished downloading it.
  • Open a browser of your choice; we recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Check to see if MySQL and Apache are running on your computer. [In order to use PHPMyAdmin, you must have Apache installed.]
  • Then navigate to “http://localhost/phpmyadmin” in your browser.
  • Make a database using the name given in the “01 LOGIN DETAILS & PROJECT INFO.txt” file.
  • Select the database file (.sql) from the “DATABASE FILE” folder from the “Import” menu.
  • After you’ve completed all of these steps, open the project folder.
  • Simply double-click the (.sln) file to open it. [You must have Visual Studio installed on your computer to do this.]
  • Press the green “Start” button on the Visual Studio toolbar to begin the application.
  • All of the login information is contained within the project folder; check it out and enter it to utilize it.

And now you have it: a complete C# MySQL setup of the Inventory Sales System project. Microsoft Visual Studio must be installed on your computer in order to complete this C# project. As a result, individuals who do not have that computer program will be unable to complete any projects. Note: Each project has its own references [which may be missed at times], thus the user should indicate their own references for the project in that instance. Also, get the source code for a free Inventory Management System project written in C# and MySQL. As a result, this inventory sales system C# project is a completely functional project for all intermediate levels, broadening wide understanding into such C# desktop apps. Finally, this entire C# project with open source code is an absolute project and a valuable means for people to learn and explore more.

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